Sunday, September 4, 2011

Date Night Afternoon

My husband and I went on a date...but not at night...we went in the afternoon.

You see I have 2 kids from a previous marriage to a low-life, scum sucking, pitiful excuse of a human being (oh....was that my typing voice?  Oops!  My bad).  They're 8 & 10 and both boys.  My husband also has 2 boys, 17 & 19.  The 19 year old lives with his mom, but the 17 year old, Tyler goes back and forth.  This weekend is our weekend with him. 

As you may have noticed I oh so subtly pointed out how worthless my ex is.  He doesn't see his children on a regular basis.  He once went 3 years without contacting them.  Let's not go there.  Anywho...we rarely have alone time.  So when we come across a day where all the chores are done and we have free time....we grab it and wrestle it to the ground and lasso it up and put a rag in it's mouth so it can't holler for help and we GO FOR IT!!

Today, we went for it at the North Georgia Premium Outlets.  My wonderful hubby and I went to Pottery Barn Outlet and Restoration Hardware (MAJORLY expensive) and the Coach outlet.  I'm surprised we didn't have to purchase something cause I must have drooled on everything.

I was quite proud to see though in the Pottery Barn outlet, these lamps for $75:

And here's my $10 Goodwill lamp ($5 for the lamp and $5 for the lampshade:


Ain't it purty?

Now if only I can transition the beautiful white couches (of course not marred by 4 boys and 4 dogs) and spotlessly clean rooms.  Though I realize they don't portray a "realistic" lifestyle, it is certainly something to dream of and reach for, right??

Anyway, I'm thankful that my hubby is the kind of man who is willing to let his wife drag him to all these types of stores "just because" and he doesn't complain at all.

I hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!!


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