Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting to know me - A to Z

Not that anyone is reading this, but here goes:

A - Age:  45.  I ABSOLUTELY do not feel 45.  I am (and this is God's honest truth) surprised at times when I have to give my age or I really think about it. As far as my mind is concerned (and most of the times my body), I'm in my 30's.

B - Bed:  Queen size four poster canopy. Lurve it!!  Trying to find the crocheted top to put over the canopy type.

C - Chore you Hate:  Putting laundry away.  Hate hate hate it!!!

D - Dogs:  Yeppers!  4 of them.  3 Yorkies and 1 mix (Retriever/Spitz).  They are the light of our lives behind the kids (4 of them also).

E - Essential Start to My Day:  Contact lens solution (I only wear one contact and can't keep that eye open until I put in the solution), then coffee.  Funny thing, I never used to drink coffee until about a year ago.  Now I MUST have it!!

F - Favorite Color:  In decorating, yellow.  To wear in clothes - for some odd reason I am drawn to white shirts.  Don't know why.

G - Gold or Silver:  My wedding ring is gold, but I generally like silver.

H - Height:  I used to be about 5'9, but the dreaded age monster has brought me down to 5'8.  Either that or I used to stand up a lot taller in my 20's!!

I - Instruments I Play:  Big fat zero.  Though I took accordion lessons for about 10 minutes in my early teens.  Then I caught on to the fact that any kind of social life I'd like to have in high school would be non-existent if I continued.  Plus it was really heavy.  I'd love to know how to play the piano though.

J - Job Titles:  Mom/Wife/Property Manager (for Homeowner and Condo Associations - 9 of them!).

K - Kids: 4 boys, 2 mine (Charlie 8 and Nick 10) and 2 of my hubbies (Tyler 17 and Kevin 19).

L - Live In:  Northern GA, Canton to be exact.

M - Make of Cars:  I normally drive a 2000 VW Beetle, bright yellow and I love it!! It's my Happy Car.  We also have a Ford Mustang Convertible!!

N - Nicknames:  In high school, I was Bubbles (honestly don't know why), Tumbleweed (my hair was evidently messy a lot); Other names as I grew older were Ter-Bear (I used to go by Teri).  My brother used to call me Tee Taw!!!  I absolutely hated it cause he'd say it like a donkey....Teeee Tawwww!!  I'm still plotting my revenge.

O - Overnight Hospital Stay:  Unfortunately a few of them.  2 for both my kids. I had placenta previa with my first son, so I was in and out of the hospital fairly often with that.  After the boys, I had a hysterectomy.  That's it!!

P - Pet Peeve:  People that pull out in front of me while driving even though there's NO ONE behind me.  Also people that drive SLOW in the left lane.

Q - Quote from a Movie:  A few!!  The two yutes!!  (My Cousin Vinny); Forget About It (very enunciated by Hugh Grant in Mickey Blue Eyes); Da Bears (Saturday Night Live sketches); Fine, Forget It, I got a thumb, I got a middle fanger (Urban Cowboy);

R - Right or Left Handed:  Right handed.

S - Siblings:  Two younger sisters and one older brother.

T - TV Shows:  I actually don't watch a lot of TV.  I have a lot of night meetings, so I'll watch some recorded shows like things on HGTV, but I generally watch what my hubby watches.

U - Undies - Yep...Victoria Secret.  TMI??

V - Vegetables I Hate:  Garbanzo Beans, the smell of cooked cabbage and brussel sprouts, though I've never eaten them.  Beets.

W - What Makes You Late:  Usually my hubby.  : )

X - X-Rays:  A few.

Y - Yummy Food that I Make:  Not much of a cook until my hubby and I got together.  Suddenly having to feed a family of 6 makes one a cook.  I love to experiment though and my family is very good natured about it.

Z - Zoo Animals:    Probably bears.  For being so big, they're very graceful.  And deceptively cute.

Now that all of my followers know more about me (all 0 of them).  I can rest easy at night!




  1. Age is just a number, right?!?! And, I cannot believe you only wear one contact, is it ever uncomfortable?

    1. It took a while to get used to, but now I don't even notice it.