Monday, October 10, 2011

Back To Reality

This past week, my hubby and I took off, sans children, to Virginia.  My oldest and bestest friend, Michele (we've been friends for 31 years) lives in Manassas VA.  While there, hubby and I had two days to ourselves.  We went to DC and Alexandria VA which he's never been to.  We took the train in to DC.  On the way back, we accidentally got onto the "quiet car" and got shushed for talking amongst ourselves.  Oopsie!!

The Capital

Hubby in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday, Shelly and I took off to PA to gawk at the Amish shop.  We went to Bird in Hand, Intercourse and Lancaster PA.  Our heads were about to fall off, we were so busy looking back and forth!!  We both love the country style of decorating, so these towns with all their shops were like a first class ticket to heaven for us!!!  Of course we had to gawk at the Amish as well.  Don't know why but I'm fascinated by them.

Here's a video of our drive into town.  We're so pathetic, but we had so much fun!!

On Sunday and Friday, we all went to Williamsburg VA and then Gettysburg PA.  So much fun!!

We came home Saturday to some very happy puppies and children (his two older ones watched the two younger ones).

And on Sunday I did this:
Being in Michele's house and seeing all the loveliness on our trips got me inspired.

But now back to reality!!  With a bit of pretty thrown in!


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