Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something Sweet My Hubby Did

First of all let me start by saying I am MAJORLY addicted to blogs. Reading them that is. I've tried to "start" 2 blogs (this being my second) and I find it hard not only because I work full time plus have a lot of night meetings plus I come home and cook, clean, etc. But my "get away" (not counting my Saturday trips to the grocery store...yes that's my pathetic version of a "get away") is by reading blogs. Following along with everyone from Linda at Behind My Red Door to Cheryl at Tidy Mom to everyone's favorite, Ree at Pioneer Woman to rug hooking blogs to decorating blogs to cooking blogs. My husband sees me reading them and tells me "you ought to start one". But what would I write about? Who wants to read about my life? I don't do anything special. I'm not a decorating guru or a chef or an interior designer. My house is decidedly "undecorated" in most cases and constantly covered in cast-off plates, empty soda cans, 4 puppies in various stages of sleep, lethargic kids zoned in on the tv or PS3 or Wii. Isn't that everyone throughout America's life? (other than said blog hiearchy).

But then I stop and think...that's probably how Linda and Cheryl and Ree started as well...and now look at them. I realize that reading about their life makes me smile and sometimes cry and gives me ideas. So maybe, just maybe I might be worthy of that as well.

Well, my darling hubby (who I absolutely "under appreciate most of the time) "created" a web page on our email provider. It just melted my heart.   He does things like that because he loves me.  The one he started or created for me via our internet provider has very limited "page designs", so it can't have the "design" aesthetics that blogspot has. And I'm very materialistic and like "bling". : )

So here goes...I promise to try to do this on a regular basis.

I'll tell my hubby that I've taken his advice and started a "blog".

I'll realize that maybe...just maybe...hearing about my regular life might just make someone out there smile. Or, should I ever post a picture or tutorial about something I do...maybe some one will be "inspired" or say "hey...what a good idea!".

I'll maybe actually start to enjoy the outlet that this must be.

I'll actually post some pictures (once I learn how to do it that is).

I can post recipes too. I do have a few "throw togethers" or "concoctions".

I can divulge some of my dirty little secrets. (Do I have any??? I don't know about "dirty" but of course I have some secrets).

Maybe one day my kids can learn a little more about their momma and that she's not just a "mom".

Here's my New Years resolution, 7 months and two weeks later.



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